Chinese New Year 2017 videos from Petronas, Malaysia Airlines create buzz

The two corporations have once again released heart-warming video advertisements with strong messages as they wish everyone a Happy Chinese New year.

KUALA LUMPUR: Every year, some of the country’s major corporations come up with creative video advertisements that evoke emotion and convey a strong message and this year is no exception.

Petronas, which has long been known for its festive advertisements, especially those done by the late Yasmin Ahmad, and Malaysia Airlines Bhd released their festive greeting videos yesterday.
And both appear to have won the hearts of many viewers.

Petronas has come up with a short film about five best friends on an adventure during Chinese New Year to capture the legendary fish, “King of the River”.

The four-minute web film and 60-second television commercial is titled “It Came From A Tin Mine”. It has a new concept, which is expected to run through other festive advertisements.

The New Straits Times quoted Petronas group strategic communications senior general manager Zahariah Abdul Rahman as saying: “We are delighted to kick off this year’s campaign with the story of a group of friends who set out on an adventure, reminding us of our childhood memories where, through friendship and teamwork, we learnt the importance of persevering through challenges.

“We live in a challenging world. We hope our campaign will inspire and remind Malaysians that together, we can make the impossible, possible.”

The film was directed by Ismail Kamarul and stars Clement Eng Kai Yao, 13, Muzzayyin Mahyuddin, 10, Sanjitha Devi Sri Vijayan, 10, Emille Jasmine, 10, and Mohamad Hamyzan Ishan Johan, 10.

It took Ismail three months to write the script and shoot the short film.

“This will be the start of something new for Petronas as the intention is to continue the story through other festive commercials this year,” Ismail was quoted as saying by the NST.

The Facebook posting on Petronas’ official page received over 100,000 views within a few hours. However, there were also those who did not like it.

Meanwhile, the Malay Mail reported that Malaysia Airlines’ Chinese New Year video was the talk of the town for not featuring any ethnic Chinese.

Rather, the 1.41-minute video showed mostly Malays and Indians wishing Malaysians Happy Chinese New Year fluently in Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien.

Apart from showing what non-Chinese think about the festival, the video titled “A truly Malaysian greeting”, encourages Malaysians to get together and to return home for the festive season.

Those in the videos talk about the Chinese New Year, the clothes associated with it, the manner in which Malaysians come together during festivals and related matters.

It ends with a Malaysia Airlines crew wishing those returning home a pleasant journey.

The Malay Mail report quoted Facebook user Michelle Tam as saying: “This video is the epitome of beauty in simplicity! love the heart-warming wishes delivered by an inspiring potpourri of Malaysians with their multilingual prowess.”

Another Facebook user, Florence Oh, was quoted as saying: “Great ad! Kudos to Malaysia Airlines. This is how it should be for a progressive and united country.”


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