Assassination of Padoh Mann Sher had changed my relations with the Burma Digest

Assassination of Padoh Mann Sher had changed my relations with the Burma Digest. I wrote and published (as I was one of the three editors authorized to publish directly as I like) the condolence message and prayers in Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. My post was butchered by Dr Tayza (or other 2 editors) and I got a very rude unsigned warning in RED not to publish anything related to religion.

Once I saw that warning I stopped contributing in Burma Digest. But sometimes I went to read BD and found that BD even had a library section of books on one religion. Recently Dr Tayza and Daw KMMMyo had visited/returned back to Myanmar and are witing some racist postings against Islam.

Padoh Mann Sher was one rare armed revolutionary in Burma’s history. His assassination was a major blow to not just the KNU but to the entire Burmese national opposition. He was the man who could have been a national leader. There was only U Win Tin in the entire Burmese mainstream movement who was in his league. None of the living NLD leaders has his record of revolutionary deeds and leadership. He wanted me to seek “material support” to step up the revolutionary efforts. But there was no appetite in the usual western capitals for such revolutionary deeds . Then his boss Gen. saw Bo Mya surprised him by going over to Yangon to hold peace talks with General Khin Nyunt. The rest is history.



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