Open letter to Karchoke Min Aung Hlaing to save the deteriorating names of Buddhism, Bama Race, Tatmadaw and country

Dear Karchoke Min Aung Hlaing!

This is the time to save the Tatmadaw, Myanmar Government leaders, yourself and our country from bad name, ICC prosecutions and from total disintegration into multiple small countries.
This is the ripe time to show your courage, leadership abilities and self confidence.
Your big boss, retired Sr. Gen. Than Shwe had removed his superior General Saw Maung and put (General) U Ne Win into house arrest. He dared to remove many senior colleges such as General Tun Kyi, Abel, Kyaw Ba, Former PM MI Chief General Khin Nyunt and cohorts.
This is the time for you to work closely with DASSK led NLD Government leaders and your present Generals under you esp in the Karlone. As Karlone is at present most powerful and highest institution in Myanmar, you, DASSK, the Presidents, Home Minister and Defence Minister should just do the most important job with courage, precision in a quick move.
You should arrest all the bad guys: ex-military, ex-MI, Swarn Arr Shins who are terrorising the whole country with numerous crimes, murders, robberies, drug trafficking and inciting Racial and Religious Riots. If Retired Sr. Gen. Than Shwe, Daw Kyaing Kyaing, USDP leaders are involved, detained all of them in a swift move.
If you dare to do this, you could save the deteriorating names of Buddhism, Bama Race, your Tatmadaw and Myanmar country would get peace, stability and achieve rapid progress.
The whole Military, NLD, the people including all the races and religious groups would definitely stand firmly behind you. And I am sure that you would definitely become the next President of Myanmar after the next election.
May God give you the courage and ability to save and restore the dignity of our beloved Tatmadaw and country, Myanmar.

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