Myanmar authorities manufactured the Oct 9 attacks for speeding up mass killings and evictions and to change the Rohingya narrative

Maung Zarni

Myanmar: Did the authorities manufacture the Oct 9 attacks for speeding up mass killings and evictions and to change the Rohingya narrative?

Myanmar Governments use misinformation to incite mass violence and justify spikes of official/government crimes against humanity.

Verifiably fake rape of Rakhine Ma Ma Thida Htwe (28) by a gang of 3 Muslims was used to trigger the first bout of mass violence in Rakhine during which the overwhelming amount of death, destruction and displacement was borne by Rohingyas.

Ask Ko Zarganar, a very prominent member of Thein Sein’s Rakhine Inquiry Commission. He interviewed the local doctor in Rakhine who performed the post-mortem on Thida Htwe’s body. The doctor said categorically that there was no rape evidence, but was forced to sign the prepared autopsy report by the authorities. But Zaw Htay, then Thein Sein’s spokesperson and now Suu Kyi’s, kept spreading the fake rape and peddled in fear mongering of the non-existent ‘Jihadists’ coming across Bangladesh borders.

Fast forward to Oct 2016.

Anyone who knows Rohingya situation on the ground now that Rohingyas cannot move from one village to the next – without going through check-points – worse than the Israel-occupied Gaza and West Bank. Fishermen, farmers, traders, smugglers (Rohingyas are used as mules by criminal gangs involving both Rakhine and Myanmar officials, as well as Bangladeshi criminal gangs), etc. are subject to all forms of extortion by the Burmese and Rakhine authorities which control their physical movements.

So, the question is this:

how was it possible that the several hundred Rohingya young militants holding spears, machetes, sticks and a few “homemade guns” passed through the Burmese border guard police sentry posts, without the military and police intelligence agents noticing their movements?

One very likely true explanation:

Myanmar strategists wanted the attack to go ahead which they knew could use to transform the narrative of Rohingya from ‘communal conflict’ into one of ‘terrorist’ ‘insurgency’. Letting 9 police troops got killed was a piece of cake. In Kachin and Shan areas, the Burmese Ministry of Defence sacrificed literally thousands of troops.

For those who think conspiracy theories have no substance, think of how JFK White House discussed creating pretext to invade Castro’s Cuba. One idea tabled was to blow up a US Naval vessel with sailors on board in or near Cuban waters, blamed it on Castro regime and used it as the cause for war.


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