War on Terror and Terrorism is a classic Orwellian Doublespeak. Drones and bombs are for freedom against terror. Kitchen knife attack, a ploughing van or a killer lorry or truck is a threat to Democracy and Enlightenment

Dr. Maung Zarni

If you click “I am safe, honey” button, you are part of that Zombie-World of Pavlovian Creatures.

“War on Terror”/ “Terrorism” in Zombie Societies of Europe & N. America

War on Terror and Terrorism is a classic Orwellian Doublespeak.

Drones and bombs are for freedom against terror. Kitchen knife attack, a ploughing van or a killer lorry or truck is a threat to Democracy and Enlightenment.

That’s the mega-template barked incessantly by insufferable Western politicians – from London and Paris to Washington and Brussels.

Let’s look at which civilisations are terrified and terrorised enough to cause ceaseless flows of peoples fleeing laser-guided bombs, grenade-attacks, cluster-bombs, drone strikes – most of which involve the use of imported, purchased or supplied, weapons largely from the Perm Five Members of the UN Security Council.

Look at the countries of refugee origin.

The flow of refugees fleeing from Europe and N, America is non-existent.

In sharp contrast, millions of refugees (close to 50 millions?) are fleeing from Asia, Africa and the Middle East where various conflicts and wars are being raged, with Made-in-Security-Council-Perm-Five countries.

This official “terrorism” narrative – manufactured since 9/11, for aims other than addressing the root of radicalization and militarization of oppressed communities in the Middle East – has become one of the cancerous ideas.

The western – and global – popular imagination has been conditioned to view beards, white Arabic robe, veils, Arabic alphabets, mosques, madrasas (Islam’s equivalent of Sunday schools), prayer mats, acts of prayers, minarets, etc. as ‘signs that support the false notion of “Islamic terrorism”.

We come to experience this Pavlovian fear – like dogs that have been kicked – the first sighting of these tacitly accepted signifiers of “Terror”.

We go into the panic – and racist – mode in a knee-jerk fashion every time there is an episode of violence characterised “as terrorist attack” by some “Counter-Terrorism” officials.

We never ask how many tons of bombs are being dropped on other people’s societies – homes, weddings, schools, hospitals, villages, hide-outs, mosques, etc. – in any given day.

The victims – thousands of them – whose lives Perm Five’s weapons claim never have names. Nobody has seen their faces – or care to know their names or see their faces. Once in a while a kid’s corpse got washed up on a shore. Civilizational conscience got half-awoke only to fall into lengthy coma – before anything significant happens insofar as Western policies that produce such tragedies in the first place are concerned.

We are a Zombie Civilisation – that may in due course morph into a Civilisation of Vampires.

There is an undeniable link between Western imperialist pursuits at the expense of Human Welfare and the current discourse of “war on terror”.

As such, these farcical discourses of War on Terror, “Terrorism”, “British values” “attack on Our Way of Life” or “threat to Western civilisations” need to be destroyed, whenever they are thrown around in the mainstream gov-influenced and/or corporate-controlled mass media – which, on “Islamic Terrorism”, religiously echo these official discourses.

This is a small but essential act of resistance, every one can engage in – as opposed to clicking mindlessly this pathetic “I am safe” FB button.

Wolfgang H Trost touching on some very fundamental issue here , TKX Maung Zarni ! as a matter of fact , I too can think of quite a few countries that are in a perpetual state of ” fighting terror ” , so they claim , while all the time they are also busy terrorizing innocent people in various places around the world …and providing the weapons big time for others to do the same ! this is the never ending cause of more and more violence and no end in sight !

Understanding “Terrorism”

Western oil-sucking powers starting with the Brits attack, subjugate, colonize or otherwise exploit and control oil-rich or strategic countries in the Middle East for over a century.

As a natural law of action and reaction, the oppressed finally strike back, using the only weapon they have – their human bodies – which turn Clausewitz’s paradigm of preserving oneself and killing the enermy on its head.

Boom!! you get a new official and popular narrative, with various discursive components:

“these bearded men are fanatics.”

“Islam is violent.” (Heard of the Catholic Church and the Holocaust? Christianity and Euro-Colonialism?)

“Jihad (which simply means STRUGGLE or RESISTANCE, as I understand it) is Evil. ”

“They want to destroy our way of life.”

“Hello!! What the fuck are you doing in oil-rich countries which happen to be clustered in the Islamic civilizational deserts???!!” Overthrowing democratic or leftist governments? Playing one historical clans or “tribes” against one another? Carving out territories and oil fields? Adopting your own “bastards” as representative leaders”? Supplying arms – for profit – to all parties in all conflicts?

It is as if these western leaders, generals and politicians need and want CONFLICTS and WARS for ecoomic, strategic, psychological and cultural reasons.

Herbert Marcuse, the late German sociologist and philosopher, called the “Western man”, the most belligerent, insecure human psyche in a physical body: everything outside of his body is his potential enemy, a threat, a challenge – that needs to be conquered.

This is a sad and pathetic mindset that arose and has been perpetuated over 500 years of colonial conquests, loots and genocides. This evidently cancerous Western “Civilisation” is not going to fade away: quite the contrary, it is going to bring the whole world down.

Tragically for many of us, We the ordinary People, of the world wars are not enough to make the Western Man – and Women enlightened enough to seek harmony among human communities and promote our common human well-being.

Many of the men and women today, regardless of their civilizational roots or skin colour have contracted this Cancerous mental paradigm of conquer, exploit, proxify and throw away.

Expect more hell on earth – in my life time.


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