Maung Zarni


Study what different officials, politicians and activists say about Myanmar Genocide of Rohingya.

And think and judge for yourself who is TRUST-WORTHY, and who is LYING.

“I heard allegation after allegation of horrific events like these — slitting of throats, indiscriminate shootings, setting alight houses with people tied up inside and throwing very young children into the fire, as well as gang rapes and other sexual violence. Even men, young and old, broke down and cried in front of me, telling me about what they went through and their losses.”

UN Special Rapporteur Yanghee Lee, speaking at the UN Human Rights Council,

In “U.N. Rights Council to Investigate Reports of Atrocities in Myanmar”, NY Times, 24 March 2017


”Our military is very disciplined, there is no reason for the military to commit acts of rape or murder”.

Ex-General and ex-President Thein Sein.
In “Myanmar needs to admit rape of minority women”, BKK Post, 25 March 2013


“The Bengali population residing in Maungdaw region, the increasing population of Mawlawi [Muslim religious scholars], mosques, and religious edifices are proof that there were no cases of genocide and religious persecution in the region.”

Myanmar’s National-Level Maung Daw Commission (or officially named “The Commission to investigate Bengali Terrorist Attacks”, led by former chief of Military Intelligence and current Vice President ex-Lt-General Myint Swe).

In “Myanmar Commission Finds no Cases of Genocide, Religious Persecution of Rohingya in Rakhine” RFA, 4 Jan 2017…/myanmar-commission-finds-no-cases-of-g…


“It’s not just Muslims who are nervous and worried. The Rakhine are worried too, they are worried about the fact that they are shrinking as a Rakhine population percentage-wise, and of course, we cannot ignore the fact that the relationship between the two communities has not been good and we want to try to make it better.

“But it doesn’t help if everybody is just concentrating on the negative side of the situation in spite of the fact that there were attacks against police outposts which began on Oct 9.”

I know that. I’m not saying there are no difficulties, but it helps if people recognise the difficulty and are more focused on resolving these difficulties RATHER THAN EXAGGERATING them so that everything seems worse than it really is.”

Aung San Suu Kyi to Singapore Government mouthpiece Channel News Asia, 3 Dec 2016…/exclusive-foc…/3337068.html


Nobel Peace Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi Laughs At Allegations Of Rohingya Genocide

Published by Nandini Balakrishnan — 05 Dec 2016, 06:27 PM

She called them a mere “fabrication”.…/nobel-peace-prize-winner-auung-san-suu-ky…


“Prior to Oct 9 incident, there was systematic discrimination against Rohingyas BY POLICY, LAW AND PRACTICE. And this has led up to 2012 violence, 2014 violence and now (2016-17) this incident sparked something called a ‘clearance operation’, which led to a complete lock-down (of Rohingya communities in N. Rakhine State) for four months.”

– UN Special Rapporteur Professor Yangee Lee, CNN, 2 March 2017

In “UN official says ‘crimes against humanity’ could be unfolding in Myanmar”, CNN, 2 March 2017…/myanmar-un-crimes-against-hu…/index.html


“Despite repeated appeals to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi we are frustrated that she has not taken any initiative to ensure full and equal citizenship rights of the Rohingyas. Daw Suu Kyi is the leader and is the one with the primary responsibility to lead, and lead with courage, humanity and compassion.”

“The head of the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on the Bangladesh side of the border, John McKissick, has accused Myanmar’s government of ethnic cleansing. The UN’s Special Rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar Yanghee Lee has condemned the restricted access to Rakhine State as “unacceptable.”

The Rohingyas are among the world’s most persecuted minorities, who for decades have been subjected to a campaign of marginalisation and dehumanisation. In 1982, their rights to citizenship were removed, and they were rendered stateless, despite living in the country for generations. They have endured severe restrictions on movement, marriage, education and religious freedom. Yet despite the claims by government and military, and many in society, that they are in fact illegal Bengali immigrants who have crossed the border, Bangladesh does not recognise them either.

Their plight intensified dramatically in 2012 when two severe outbreaks of violence resulted in the displacement of hundreds of thousands and a new apartheid between Rohingya Muslims and their Rakhine Buddhist neighbours. Since then they have existed in ever more dire conditions.”

Nobel Laureates call on Security Council to aid Rohingya, January 6, 2017…/


“The Nobel laureates have urged her to do something about the Rohingya, but what they don’t notice is that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is not only a Nobel laureate right now, but also a government member. I believe she is frustrated because she has many things to do and also has limitations and restrictions placed upon her as to what she wants to do. But the international community doesn’t see that point.”

Aung Myo Min, executive director of Equality Myanmar, a nongovernmental organization dedicated to human rights education and advocacy programs

In “Myanmar Commission Finds no Cases of Genocide, Religious Persecution of Rohingya in Rakhine” RFA, 4 Jan 2017…/myanmar-commission-finds-no-cases-of-g…


“Because Daw [honorific] Aung San Suu Kyi is also a Nobel laureate, she doesn’t need to be pressured to stop human rights violations or to be sent an open letter…. We are going to work on our country’s issues with the help of international experts as we are doing right now,” Mie Mie said. “So please don’t pressure her or us.”

– Mie Mie, a prominent member of the 88 Generation Peace and Open Society Group

In “Myanmar Commission Finds no Cases of Genocide, Religious Persecution of Rohingya in Rakhine” RFA, 4 Jan 2017…/myanmar-commission-finds-no-cases-of-g…


“The establishment of an international fact-finding mission would do more to inflame, rather than resolve the issues at this time.”

Myanmar rebuffs UN probe of crimes against Rohingya, Channel News Asia (SINGAPORE), 25 March 2017…/myanmar-rebuf…/3624770.html


For the full text of official statement issued by Foreign Ministry of Burma under Aung San Suu Kyi as its Minister, see


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