Racism, Nationalism and Patriotism are trends in Global or universal politics

Racism, Nationalism and Patriotism are trends in Global or universal politics

Many right-winged extremist esp. anti-Migrant (esp anti-Muslim) parties became popular in EU and UK.

Trump had cunningly used this to win over the election.
Netanyahu and its allied right-wing extremists are ruling Israel for a long time.
Modi’s Hindu extremist party is using this Hindu Nationalism to win the election.
Myanmar Military, USDP and its splinter parties are using (Hyper) Patriotism to continuously harass the DASSK led NLD.
NLD keep quiet and try to appease the Religious extremist terrorist Ma Ba Tha (969) monks and created the Muslim free Parliament by refusing to field the Muslim candidates and formed the Muslim free Government.
Now, India’s Congress Party which had long history of cordial relations with Indian Muslims had followed the direction of Rahul Gandhi (who himself was not a pure blooded Indian but a hybrid between Italy and India) decided not to field any Muslim candidates in the recently held elections. But his Congress party miserably failed.
In China…Han Chinese are dominated. In Japan the Japanese are the biggest majority but there are reports of discrimination on minorities e.g. Ethnic Korean Japanese.
There is a growing Nationalism and religious extremism in Indonesia also.

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