President Mr. Donald Trump could easily strike North Korea and its master Communist China by attacking their vital links in Myanmar

Friendly request to President Mr. Donald Trump and revealing the weak soft spots and links of North Korea and its master Communist China where US Military could easily strike without much repercussion.


As China backed North Korea posses nuclear weapons, USA need to think twice before attacking. But USA could easily or conveniently hit the roots that feed N.Korea and at the same time restrict the Chinese Communist Governments’ rapidly expending business and military influence by tackling some extremist criminal component of the Myanmar Military.

I hope and pray that CIA, EU, Australia, South Korea and Japan Intelligence Agencies had the records of Myanmar Military’s close business, military and nuclear cooperation with North Korea. The main middleman is no other than the Myanmar ex-General, former Military Chief of Staff, ex-USDP head and present NLD leader Thura Shwe Mann. His family has numerous ties and relations with N. Kora officials against the UN Sanctions.

Now the widely spread news indicated that Thura Shwe Mann, his sons, Shwe Kabar Khin Shwe (father-in-law of Shwe Mann’s son) were involved in funding of Ma Ba Tha Monks and the extremist terror groups like Sawrn Arr Shin Terrorists, Dr. Aye Maung led Rakhine Terrorist groups who are responsible for Atrocities against Muslims of Myanmar: Anti-Myanmar Muslim Riots and mass-murders throughout Mainland Myanmar including Meiktila, damaging few hundred Masjids, murdering U Ko Ni and Rohingya Genocide.

Communist Chinese government is funding these terror groups to divert the attention from their increasing presence and expansion of the projects. Chinese Ambassador was rumoured to “donate” USD 100 million to Rakhine leader Dr. Aye Maung. That Dr. Aye Maung later went to China to collect more “donations”.

One US group had already reported that Rohingya cleansing in Kyaukpyu, Myanmar Muslim cleansing in Meiktila and Lasio are related to the Kyaukpyu-Kunming gas-petrol pipe-line. (They are also planning to build highway and high-speed railway along that pipe-line.) Chinese already had the navy and signal bases in few of Myanmar Islands in Bay Of Bengal and Indian ocean up to the entrance of Straits of Malacca. With their Spratly islands now they became a great threat to the US Navy Ships.

These multipurpose route across Myanmar from southern China to Rakhine port in Bay of Bengal is a very important military strategic and business route to bypass Straits of Malacca which is controlled by the US’s friends: Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. About 20 yrs ago, at the Myanmar Military day function at a hotel, Chinese Military Attache in Malaysia had even told us that within next few decades they would become number one power and could surely need to fight with US in next 100 years. He was drunk and revealed that they need to use Myanmar to bypass the Straits of Malacca,the strategic life-line for them which is controlled by US allies.

Thura Shwe Mann, his sons, Shwe Kabar Khin Shwe (father-in-law of Shwe Mann’s son) were also involved in drug producing and trafficking from China-Myanmar border through Myanmar-Bangladesh border. From there drugs were distributed to US, EU, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Middle East, Australia etc.

Truck-loads of Drugs esp even drugs full of containers were arrested by the Myanmar police at the storage compound of Shwe Kabar Khin Shwe but the Myanmar police shamelessly declared that they were owner-less drugs.


Proposed action plan:

1/ Invoke R2P or Right to Protect unilaterally by US (With NATO and willing partners) if difficult to get approval at UN.

2/ Demand Myanmar Military and Government to hand over, Shwe Mann, his children, Shwe Kabar Khin Shwe, Dr. Aye Maung and extremist Ma Ba Tha leaders.

Benefits or results.

1/ Could cut off the illegal Uranium, money and food supplies to North.Korea.
2/ Could cut off the Uranium mine, Uranium enrichment plant, nuclear development programme, rocket technology development programme of Myanmar.
3/ Could cut off the world’s largest drug trafficking syndicate.
4/ By solving the root cause of Racial Riots, could eliminate the refugees problem and could start the refugee repatriation programme.
5/ Helping Myanmar Democracy Transformation programme.
6/ Cut off the Military and business influence programme of Communist China.


One thought on “President Mr. Donald Trump could easily strike North Korea and its master Communist China by attacking their vital links in Myanmar

  1. Translation:
    N. Korea has a spy network in Myanmar to monitor the movements of US Navy in Thailand, Singapore and Indian Ocean.

    Thura Shwe Mann had made the agreement after coming back from N. Korea.

    Japanese Intelligence stated that N. Korea had also maintained a military spy net-work in Myanmar.

    Ko Lucky
    12 mins ·
    ေျမာက္ကို ရီးယားကထုိင္း၊စကာၤပူနဲ ့Indiaoceanထဲကအေမရိကန္ေရတပ္ ရဲ ့လွဳပ္ရွဳ ားမွဳ ေတြကို ေထာက္လွမ္း ဖို ့ျမန္မာ ႏိုင္ငံမွာ ေထာက္လွမ္း ေရး ကြန္ယက္ တခု ထားရိွ ထားပါတယ္။ သူရေရႊမန္း ေျမာက္ကို ရီးယား က ျပန္အလာ မွာ နွစ္နိုင္ငံသေဘာ တူ ခဲ ့ၾကတာ ျဖစ္ပါတာ္။ သူေရေရႊ မန္း ရဲ ့ စီစဥ္ ေပးမွဳ နဲ ့ဘဲ ထား ေျမာက္ကို ရီးယား စစ္သူလ်ိဳ ကြန္ယက္ ကို
    ျမန္မာ နုိင္ငံမွာ တည္ ထား ခဲ့ ၾကတာ ျဖစ္ပါတယ္။ အခုထိ ဆက္ လက္ ရိွ
    ေနတုန္းဘဲလို ့ ဂ်ပန္ ေထာက္


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