Others reactions and my answer to them about my letter to the U.S. President Mr. Donal Trump

My reply to one foreigner who commented on my comment sent to US President:

Because you are not suffering from Genocide, Mass Murders and Religious and Racial Persecution…although it is an important issue and made sense for us But NOT for you. Enjoy the good life because of your race, religion and country of origin. I don’t care what you think…after all you are NOT the Trump or president of USA.

He wrote>

this comment does not make sense to me ..Trump needs good relations with China for lots of reasons , N Korea is not worth upsetting that ..all I can see an increase in mutual interest of China & the US to jointly find a system of pressurizing N Korea into some solution to the conflict ..,

I un-friended and un-followed him as that “great fellow” is not worth making friend.

One of my close family member is worried as I wrote in my block, sent the massage directly on the US President and US Embassy FB pages w/o writing or sending in the message box only. As we have a very strong mutual love and respect, I understood his worries for my safety as N. Korea, China, Myanmar Military and its crony drug traffickers and extremist Ma Ba Tha group could even assassinate me.

I am already about 68 yr old, so one of my foot is already on the road to the graveyard. I haven’t earn enough merit points to get a ticket for Jannath or paradise. So I had already decided to do a different kind of Jihad or sacrifice for the Muslims of Myanmar by giving my life to help or save people BUT NOT like suicide killing. So I really don’t care about my life and strongly believe that as a Myanmar Muslim Professional abroad, I have a duty to campaign for the Equal Rights of Muslims of Myanmar by highlighting the Atrocities of the Myanmar Buddhist Military Dictators and their lapdog Ma Ba Tha Monks and criminal extremist groups like Swarn Arr Shins.



3 thoughts on “Others reactions and my answer to them about my letter to the U.S. President Mr. Donal Trump

  1. He wrote back an apology letter>>> Oh Ko Ko Kyi ..it seems to me that you misunderstood completely my comment .it was directed at the foolish & dangerous policies of Trump , whom I despise as much as You and You should have long noticed by my many earlier comments that I fully share the suffering of the Rohingya People !! hope this will change your view of me ..

    I accepted his apology and wrote back>>>TQ friend. Sorry for the misunderstanding. This is not only for 1-2 million Rohingyas but for another 12 million Myanmar Muslims like me. And for the few million Christian Ethnic Minorities. If the military’s black-hand goons are gone it may be good for NLD and all the Myanmar citizens. I also knows about Trump. As he had bombed 2 countries just to show off, I just hope him to show off as Myanmar is a soft spot, easy target and there are clearly links with N Korea. (Reports by Japan and International media)… No need to fight directly with China or Myanmar but at least blacklist or warn or International arrest warrant for Shwe Mann, his master Than Shwe, Shwe Mann’s sons and drug traffickers.


  2. Ko Ko Linn Surely Allah is the One Who sends us to this earth and Who calls us back to Him. If He likes you to stay more for working Ummah, no one can harm you a bit. Don’t worry brother, if He likes you to keep in the line of Shaheedis (Martyrs) it is also very profitable and you should feel very good luck for that.

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  3. His reply>>>TKX my friend for having noted the misunderstanding …and again like so many times before , I fully agree with You !


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