Local Muslims pray in street as Islamic schools in Tharkayta are closed

Myanmar Muslim Media

Local Muslims pray in street as Islamic schools in Tharkayta are closed

Hein Aung Myanmar Muslim Media May 31, 2017

Muslims in Tharkayta township today started praying in ward’s street because local authorities shut down Islamic religious buildings in the township.

“I am 32 years old now. Since I was a child, all eight Islamic schools in Tarkayta have been operating with official permission to hold religious service in them. Problem never occurred for the prayer halls and Islamic schools here. As our rights to worship in these places are banned now, we have to hold religious services in street,” Ko Min Naung told The Myanmar Muslim Media.

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Because of the objection of the followers of the Patriotic Association of Myanmar claiming that religious schools in the area are used as “illegal mosque” (worshiping in Islamic school), local authorities banned praying in eight Islamic prayer halls in Tharkayta township as of April 28.

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“Majority of Buddhist people here did not object our praying in Islamic schools’ buildings. But, State level officials banned our praying in these places due to the push of a mob. We’d like the authorities to give an official response why they decided like that,” Ko Min Naung added.

Tharkayta is home to nine Islamic religious schools where local Muslim have been holding religious service with official permission for decades, but one Madrasa was destroyed in 2012 by a religious extremist group and permission has not yet been granted so far to reopen it.

Photo- Aung Hein Thit (Myanmar Muslim Media)
Translater: Nawaratt

ေဇာ္ မင္း ထက္

ဆိုျပီး ကမၻာမွာနာမည္ႀကီးတဲ့
NLD အစိုးရကိုမမွီဘူး။


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