As a “Foreigner” I used to avoid Malaysian politics and even managed to made friend with numerous ruling party leaders but was attacked by thugs for unknowingly put a PAS sticker, “I love Islam”

In the month of Ramdan, even distributing dates was aggressively blocked by thugs at the public market.

Shame to you the aggressive “Imman”.
No wonder, my son bought the “I love Islam” sticker while he was studying in UIA. We don’t know that it was sold by the opposition party.
My car was attacked by 2 Malay motorbikes as I stopped at the roundabout. 2 Indian bikers joined. There was no quarrel, honking nor any accident.
When I drove to the police station they stupidly tried to overtook me between my car and mid-line railings. If I just turned the steering to the right like in the movies they could be injured or dead. But I had NO HEART TO HARM them. I had to go to 4 police stations (first Setapak, then Jalan Bandar both told me to report to Dang Wangi and at last need to go to the nearby police station to photograph the car) but NO ACTION TAKEN.
That was 15 yrs ago, at the police while I was reporting one police woman was making fun of me with gestures just at my back pointing my head in-front of numerous people waiting their turn to report. When my wife who was sitting behind complaint about her only I knew and demanded the police to accept my police report against that insulting policewoman in uniform. There were 3 dozen of witness. Later one police-officer came out and apologised. Actually Police officer recording my report asked about the race of attackers and I had to tell them that they were 2 Malays and later joined by 2 Indians. Malay or Myanmar or Chinese or Indian or European…there are good and bad people. I was not meaning to complaint about their race but attackers.
Although we could give the bike licence plate numbers…no further news of action taken on them. You just imagine 4 bikers kicking and hitting the car with helmets while I was at the Jl Pahang round about. I just came back from my brother-in-law’s doa’ selamat on the Sunday afternoon going to the Ng and Lee Setapak Clinic.
Later one of my Malay friend saw that, “I love Islam” sticker and advised me to take out as that was opposition party PAS’ sticker and some people also suffer the same aggression.
Actually, as a Foreigner at that time, I avoid involving in politics. I managed to made friend with numerous ruling party top leaders. I even don’t like PAS as it is using Islam for politics.

2 thoughts on “As a “Foreigner” I used to avoid Malaysian politics and even managed to made friend with numerous ruling party leaders but was attacked by thugs for unknowingly put a PAS sticker, “I love Islam”

  1. Aggressive youths block Pakatan members at Ramadan bazaar @
    FMT Reporters | June 11, 2017
    An activity to distribute dates was marred by intimidating behaviour to prevent Pakatan members from entering a certain section of the open-air market in Kluang.
    PETALING JAYA: A group of young men were caught on video apparently threatening and trying to prevent Pakatan Harapan members who were distributing dates at a Ramadan bazaar in Kluang, Johor, yesterday.
    The youngsters were seen shouting and making intimidating gestures while attempting to stop DAP’s Kluang MP Liew Chin Tong and the party’s state assistant publicity secretary Sheikh Umar Bagharib Ali from going into a certain part of the bazaar.
    Sheikh Umar said the activity to give away dates and interact with other visitors at the open-air market went ahead smoothly later with the cooperation of the secretariat managing the stalls that sold food and confectionery.
    “However, we deeply regret what happened when we got to the section where clothes were sold. We were cursed, manhandled and chased away by a group of youths,” he said.
    “We were made to understand that there are different secretariats overseeing two separate sections of the market,” he added in a brief statement.
    He claimed that one of the youngsters had tried to block them from entering a bazaar in Kluang town before in 2014.
    Sheikh Omar, who also said he was shoved roughly, was seen trying to calm the situation during the incident which saw threats to break the cameras of visitors who were recording what was happening.
    “The month of Ramadan should not be marred by hatred, violence and abusive and foul utterances,” he said.
    Liew, Sheikh Omar and Kluang PPBM head Radzali Mohd Noor who was also present later lodged separate police reports at the Kluang police station at 10pm.
    In his report, Liew claimed that two of the men in the group were known as Mustakim and Ali Itik.
    He said they placed three tables to block the Pakatan members from entering the bazaar section where non-food items were being sold, leading to an altercation.
    “They hurled insults at us with coarse language and in loud voices,” he said.
    “Ali Itik was aggressive and swung his arm at a Kluang community centre official named Wong Chia such that it hit my face and caused my spectacles to be flung onto the road,” he added.


  2. You see, even Jl Bandar OCPD was our friend as his son was my wife’s student in UPM. He even invited us into his room and ordered tea/coffee and cakes for us. But as it was not a car accident, he could not do anything.(That OCPD later passed away in East Malaysia after MVA) His deputy, Hj Hashim was my pt and the marahon introduced me. He used to come to Setapak clinic and later to Wangsa Maju as his house was nearby my clinic. After pension he went to stay in Melaka and if he come to KL, he will dropped by my clinic to say hello or sometimes for treatment.

    Dan Wangi police told me that if more than 4, they could take action as RIOTING but then it was 4 only. Funny…NFA. They were using helmets to hit my car and threatening me to come out …if hit by helmets can die…THIS COULD BE A CASE OF USING DANGEROUS WEAPON. But NFA.


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