What I have done for Rohingyas Part 1

What I have done for Rohingyas Part 1

Thank you UNHCR Malaysia’s Rohingya officers and staff for indirectly pushing me to write my memoirs with the Rohinga affair. If not, once I die (in a very near future), no one will know or appreciate what the NON-ROHINGYA  Myanmar Muslim have done for them. Masha Allah, because of Allah swt’s approval, as a lone ranger, I have tried my part for them, even more than some other so called Rohingya leaders.

When I was in Myanmar (at that time called Burma) under General Ne Win, I know about the bigot racist’s religious discriminations on Muslims of Myanmar as I also felt angry and left the country. I heard about Naga Min Campaign, sad and angry but the news are just the ice-burg and dare not say anything as I even need to keep my mouth shut about the discrimination on me so that I could get the Passport.

I came to Malaysia in early January 1986 and started collecting data about Myanmar Muslims, Rohingyas and Pashu Myanmar Malay Muslims.

Although I was just a foreign doctor, I tried to lobby the three great PM and Home Ministers since then although I was scared but I believed in Allah swt that He will help and protect me.

In 1987, Home Mister portfolio was held by Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamed. Deputy Home Minister and late Datuk Megat Junid Megat Ayoub was a very powerful person as Dr M seemed to just let him manage most of the daily normal affairs of the MOHA.

In the early 1987, News Straight Times reported on its front cover with short news, one column, two inches only about interview with Deputy Home Minister late Datuk Megat Junid Megat Ayoub about Rohingyas.

He said that he could not accept that Rohingyas were persecuted as he wonder how come they were staying on the west coast of Burma but able to cross the mainland Burma safely and easily to come to Malaysia. So Rohingyas would be arrested, put into jail, they would be forced to work in the jail to earn money for their deportation expenses.

It was 30 yrs ago, computers were not widely used and so I went to the photocopy shop magnifying it into 200%. Cut the result and magnify again 200% for another two times till it became like a poster. I made three copies and wrote the remarks on those “posters” with red ball-pen, something like: Is that the words of a Muslim Minister? Rohingyas were discriminated, their ICs and lands confiscated, properties looted and chased out from their homeland. I continue to write that as Malaysia is a sovereign country it can decide to arrest, jail and deport but has no right to forced labour of Rohingya prisoners. If WTO and world’s labour organizations know about that forced labour, if they boycott the Malaysia goods at airports and sea ports Malaysia’s economy would face problems. I went to the Home Mister cum PM Dr M’s office to give the letter but as he was not in and as I had no appointment, I had given the letter to PM’s room security guards. I sent a copy each to NST Chief Editor’s office and to ABIM.

In 2002 Datuk Sri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was the Mister of Home Affairs and DS Dr M was still the PM. I wrote to DSAAB and given the copies to PM, DG Immigration and Deputy Home Minister, complaining about unfair treatment on Muslims of Myanmar including Rohingyas. One VIP from Home Ministry rang me up that if they don’t know me personally, I could be arrested with ISA (Internal Security Act). When I argue with that person, he threatened me that police had all my records and if police come, they would handcuff me. I retorted him back that my letters were not anonymous and sent the copies to PM, DPM, Home Minister etc and that if police never knew or fail to have records of me, they would be seem to be inefficient and failed to do their job. But I warned back that if I were handcuffed for writing for the downtrodden Muslims from Myanmar in Malaysia, I am sure Allah swt would cut-off the hands of the police who handcuffed me and the authorities who order him. He warned me not to write again but I wrote another 3 letters with tone-down complaints and polite TQ notes.

Later PM YAB DSAAB went to Thailand and had given interview with Bangkok Post. It was the time when Rohingya boat people were drowned in Indian Ocean, thousands believed to be dead and International Media and NGOs are crying for Rohingyas. But DSAAB said that Rohingyas should not be accepted on any ASEAN land and they should be pushed back into the sea. I wrote in my blogs with the heading “Islam’s Hall of Shame” (I have deleted about few years later when Tun AAB held the Rohingya Conference in KL). I wrote that even if poisonous snakes, tigers or wild elephants cross the Myanmar border into ASEAN, in the civilized world we could not kill them but arrest and released back in wildlife. I attached the photos of people trying to save the beached whales. Much later his son-in-laws’ PA wrote to me under that post as a remark that his boss want to give me an interview because I wrote in the post that I wrote to TAAB and his son-in-law for five times each but never get any reply. I replied politely that as I was no more the Editor of Burma Digest, I don’t want any interview anymore. I wrote with the fear but pretend not to be and remind him that I even dare to write when TAAB was PM and was just appealing to have mercy on poor Rohingyas although I was not a Rohingya. I attached the links of my interview with TDM, DS Wan Aziza, ABIM President, TV3 video of TDM attending my daughter’s wedding.

I sent the combo-picture of Syrian refugee three-year-old boy Alan Kurdi on a beach near Turkish resort of Bodrum with the picture of hundreds of coffins at Malaysian Thai border complaining that because of one boy, Europe accepted millions of Muslim Refugees but here nothing changed. I sent to FBs of YAB PM and Home Minister. Some low level government authorities were angry with me and disturbed me and my clinic. Telling me to ask anything if I want but not to write about others. I told them that I don’t want or need anything as Shukur Alhamdulillah, Allah swt have graciously given me enough and I was writing for the downtrodden Rohingyas and Myanmar Muslims here. They were angry and told me toughly that if I am not happy here, get out of Malaysia as millions of foreigners would be happy to fill up my place.

Anyway I am not complaining about all the threats and I hereby thank ALL THE THREE PRIME MINISTERS of Malaysia, Home Ministers and numerous Deputy Home Ministers for their kind help extended to me. May Allah swt reward them back with health, peace, safety, wealth and happiness.

Not only because of my insignificant lobby letters and posts but because of the numerous other circumstances and most important fact is the agreement of Allah swt, all three PM of Malaysia are now supporting Rohingyas.

I do not wish to complain but most of the world also knows about one million Rohingyas but do not understand the plights of another remaining TWELVE MILLION Non-Rohingya Myanmar Muslims suffering all the atrocities, discrimination and up to the mass-murder in Myanmar.

By the way, I was the one who advised TDM and Perdana Foundation through my son to invite Dr. Maung Zarni to talk at Rohingya Genocide Conference. I rang up to Dr Zarni in Brunei and even offered airfares, hotel and expenses. But Perdana Foundation had paid all.

And for the TAAB’s Rohingya conference, one Rohingya leader came to me with one Myanmar Muslim leader asking for one Myanmar Muslim speaker and to invite Dr Zarni on their behalf as Dr Zarni never replied to their request. As Dr Zarni is very closed to me like a brother, my one phone call was enough. I got a Myanmar Karen Muslim working in Singapore to speak at that Rohingya Genocide conference.

TDM even invited Dr Maung Zarni to his table at both the lunch and dinner. My brother-in-law helped Dr Zarni to get a prestigious post in University Malaysia.

To be continued…



8 thoughts on “What I have done for Rohingyas Part 1

  1. I also spoken to many Ro leaders and Ro leaders in UNHCR. No use, Even that Saint HLO used vulgar words on me. Ro leader dr who just worked at ABIM, I helped him to get gov dr jobs here. When I asked help for one of my relatives…he say NO. One Ro leader could not get speakers in former PM Badawi’s conference, I helped him to get two speakers: Dr zarni and another Myanmar Karen Muslim. When I contacted him when Mg Mg arrived…no answer for months. For arrested Ro Dr TA my son, my bro in law and I helped his daughters to get visa, PhD entrance, sent to TDM’s office, introduced with Malay NGOs (they even invited the couple to OIC conference @ Turkey FOC) introduced to ASEAN Secretary General at that time etc. The elder one in UNHCR even shouted at my clinic countre because she need to wait for her turn and back biting against Myanmar Muslims (she aimed at Mg Mg and me). one Ro leader tried to rape one of my far relative and another Ro leader tried to sodomize my another another far relative. Because of the Ro’s attack on us, Myanmar Muslims never do anything for Ro and only join in when they are attacked in Meiktila…I wrote this to prove that I am doing for Rohingyas for more than 30 yrs with out getting one cent not like most of the ROs who work with PROJECT MONEY, donations or salaries like UNHCR staff.


  2. Once I was in Malaysia in 1986, I start collecting data by going to libraries in universities esp University Malaya, National library, UPM library, book stalls and internet. I wrote the “research paper”…Roots, Fruits and Dreams of Muslims of Burma. I sent the Floppy Discs to Sri Lanka Muslims, ABIM, Rohingya blogs etc. with my one of the pseudonym Maha Bandula @ Mohamad Bin Abdullah. I had seen published on Rohingya blog. Recently only Ro Nay San Lwin told me that he was the one who published it abot 10 yrs ago and recently only he knew that it was written by me. I have wrote about Rohingya history and their sufferings. Based on that I wrote Muslim articles in in Wikepedia. Because of the anti-Rohingya Wiki Editors I give up fighting for Rohingya article as there are Rohingyas fighting back. But I managed to record the Rohingya issues and Rohingya history from the back door 😀😀😀 @ the TALK PAGES of my Wiki articles @ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Islam_in_Myanmar & https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Burmese_Indians/Archive_1


  3. Look at UWRO and boss. When MAPIM : Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organization chased them out, they could not get a new place. When Mg Mg told me that they found a suitable place with a big compound but the boss refused to rent, I asked whether the owner is Hj Ismail or not. Just Allah given 6th. sense only as I had never been there. I offered my help they agreed. I want to ring-up to him and while searching his card to get his phone number he walked in to see me. When I request, he immediately agreed and even said that he won’t charge. Later they asked for extra rooms and Hj Ismail’s son, manager charged them for extra rooms. I heard that when they moved out, they never paid the electricity and water bill for one year.


  4. Since early 1990, ABIM had protested @ Myanmar Embassy many times. ABIM previous boss Encik Md Ahmad Azam Ab Rahman had asked me few times to draft the letter to Myanmar Embassy, US Embassy, UN, OIC etc. (and present Abim Pusat Deputy President had also asked once to write). Of course although I could give the facts and figures, my English is not perfect, so they have to edit before sending. So, the UNHCR Rohingya officers should stop attacking and insulting me for writing request to UNHCR to take care of Myanmar Muslims. I am not asking for my selfish profit as I am now a Malaysian and Allah swt had given more than I need. My wife is also a Government servant, my 2 children are Med doctors working with gov and eldest one is In Sya Allah going to get Ph D from UPM and is also doing business.


  5. One Rohingya leader request me to stand me as the Chairman to offer treatment of Firebombed Monks at Letpadaung Copper field. He published a letter on the FB and sent official request letters to Daw Suu and U Thein Sein. He published my name, clinic phone and my house phone. So I was attacked by Military Cyber-troopers as Banglee lobbyist who was getting all the OIC funds (actually I never get a cent), distributing funds to Rohingyas and Myanmar Muslims. And was not in the clinic but playing poker with 20 Rohingya body guards and was going around Myanmar Embassy for 3 times a day to kill Myanmars. They threatened not only my life but the whole family …up to grandchildren. At last they sent the SB police to my clinic and Embassy, I was cleared of all the accusations but was ordered to stop my FB account. They threatened to refuse extending my Passport. I told them back that Myanmar Military is responsible for all the atrocities and killing of Muslims of Myanmar and ONLY IF they stop those crimes I will stop writing. The rest is history.


  6. Ask Ro…Dr AH Kamal in Australia. We had helped him by pulling him from ABIM and get MO post in UM and UKM. I drived with my car and sent him for interviews. I allowed him to use my name to get loan for his car and to get telephone fixed line.


  7. Once one richest Rohingya businessman Eindra KMW, came to my house to say goodbye. He told me that his business was closed down and his visa revoked. The whole family went to Indonesia and reentered Malaysia. Got 8 days visa, 4 days spent. He was leaving Malaysia for good (forever). I asked him whether I could help him or not. He said OK and I immediately called the Deputy Home Minister of that time. Minister agreed to help and advised me to ask the late Encik Ramli Bin Samad to wite an appeal letter and send to him. Encik Ramli came back on that evening with the six month approval letter for business and visa for the family. The rest is history.


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