My complaint to SUHAKAM Human Rights Commission of Malaysia FB post of the Chairman Tan Sri Razali Ismail


Please read my multiple comments under this post, complaining to the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia SUHAKAM regarding the Myanmar Muslims’ suffering under UNHCR Malaysia and in Myanmar.

This is my post in my old political blog about fate of Masjids in Myanmar @
This is my post about the Hate Speeches and Islamophobia in Myanmar @…/many-bamas-are…/
Please read this Wikipedia post I had contributed about sufferings of Myanmar Muslims in Myanmar (Non-Rohingya) @…/Persecution_of_Muslims_in
Dear YB Tan Sri, we have met together with Dr Maung Zarni. Here is one of the pictures of Tan Sri and me. @…/tan-sri-razali…/
Although Chin State is the most peaceful state and even a Chin is the Vice President of Myanmar, UNHCR had chosen and sent Chins about 90% of all refugees in Malaysia. Now…as the refugee resettlement quota is less, they are still sending Chins and to be able to increase or not to reduce Rohingyas, UNHCR officers MERCILESSLY STOPPED the Myanmar Muslim Asylum seekers.Not only withdrew the UNHCR Cards but those who finished interview with immigration, immunised or already attended the classes were expelled without even giving any excuse.

Problem is UNHCR has limited quota, limited funds, pressure from (donor) refugee accepting countries (Christian countries, Churches and Christian NGOs), the staff/ officers apathy and corruption. And Malaysia gov’s pressure to finish its job ie. resettle the refugees and to chased out the remaining refugee seekers who the UNHCR withdrew the protection. First UNHCR just sent the Chins as there are some congressmen in US supporting them and because well organized Chins could pay the UNHCR officers. Later 15? of the officers were removed after Al Jaz exposed them. Because of press highlighting Rohingyas they start accepting Rohingyas. But UNHCR ignored the plights of Myanmar Muslims and UN is also ignoring the PLIGHTS of Myanmar Muslims in Myanmar and abroad. Actually Myanmar Muslim population is more than Chin, Kachin, Karen, Rohingya etc all Ethnic Minorities combined population.

But as the organisation of UN, the UNHCR has diplomatic immunity. If we just sue or appeal to the court just for publicity would be OK. @…/go-to-hell-unhcr…/
Why UNHCR Malaysia is violating the United Nations Human Rights and rejecting Myanmar Muslims (different from Rohingyas) from its protection programme while its parent body United Nations is also ignoring the plights of Myanmar Muslims. Real population of Myanmar Muslims is not less than 12 million when compare to 1-2 million of Rohingyas. Actually the real number of Myanmar Muslims is even more than the combined population of all the Ethnic Minorities. Please read the HRW Human Rights Watch reports about the 60 yrs’ atrocities of successive Myanmar Military Governments and present NLD Government. Please read this REUTERS report about recent oppression on them. @…/myanmars-muslims…/

Masjids in Burma or Myanmar Masjids damaged by SPDC THUGS in Taungoo (English) SPDC Military…



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