PETRONAS Raya 2017: Donut ke Karipap?

Injecting humour to webfilm


PETRONAS Raya 2017: Donut ke Karipap?

KUALA LUMPUR: Petronas’ Hari Raya webfilm this year adopts a much more light-hearted tone compared to its usual heartwarming and touching stories.

At its centre is a tale of friendship, solidarity and unity, as well as the virtues of Ramadan, all told in just over four minutes.

Entitled Donut ke Karipap (Doughnuts or Currypuffs), the story begins with primary school pupil Hakim, who struggles with his first attempt at fasting.

His hunger pangs seem too great for him to bear, to the point he starts imagining ordinary items around him as doughnuts.

However, he manages to overcome his hunger, thanks to five other classmates of other races who agree to fast with him.

“The main theme of this film is all about friendship. It was his friends’ show of solida­rity which helped Hakim to successfully fast the whole day,” said director Ismail Kamarul, who has directed four films for Petronas.

The film is littered with scenes which set the audience chuckling, including several cutaways of Hakim’s stomach growling loudly.

The audience sat on the edge of their seats when Hakim nearly gave in to temptation upon seeing a stall selling freshly-fried currypuffs, though there was a twist – Hakim actually intended to give them to a beggar.

Petronas Group Strategic Communications senior general manager Zahariah (Liza) Abd Rahman said the warm story aimed to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

“All the films we launch reflect how Malaysians live in harmony, despite coming from different backgrounds,” she said during the screening of the webfilm at Suria KLCC yesterday.

“The foundation for our harmonious society has been built since our independence, and should be preserved for generations to come.”

Those who wish to watch Donut ke Karipap may do so at

During the event, Petronas also launched the Petronas Coffee Break Campaign as part of its road safety initiative for the Hari Raya holidays.

The national petroleum company will be offering 700,000 cups of hot coffee, as well as health screenings, at participating Petronas petrol stations nationwide.

Proton will also be providing a 20-point safety check on Proton cars at the stations.

The campaign will run on June 22 and 23, as well as on July 1 and 2.

Visit for more information on participating stations.


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