UN Refugee Chief visits Myanmar but he ignored the Meiktila Myanmar Muslim Refugees

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency added a new video: UN Refugee Chief visits Myanmar.

Discrimination, violence and a recent security crackdown led thousands to flee their villages in Myanmar.

Here’s the latest from the UN refugee chief’s visit: http://www.unhcr.org/…/unhcr-chief-urges-unity-myanmars-rak…

UN Refugee Chief visits Myanmar but he conveniently seems to ignore the Meiktila Myanmar Muslim refugee camps. UNHCR Malaysia cares about Chins and Rohingyas first. After that other Ethnic minorities BUT miserable failed to take the Myanmar Muslim community. Actually Myanmar Muslim population of 12 million is more than total population of all the other Ethnic Minorities. Well known Anti-Muslim Atrocities: Hate Speech, Racial-Religious Discrimination, Hate Crimes, Anti-Myanmar Muslim riots, looting, burning of Muslim houses and places of worships and mass murders by successive Myanmar Military Governments in the whole of Mainland Myanmar since 1962.
There are compelling evidence of ongoing: widespread institutional discrimination; state sponsored hate crimes; mass killings; wholesale destruction of communities and neighbourhoods; massive forced displacement; apartheid structures of segregation; targeted population control; state denial of Myanmar Muslim identity; forced labour; denial of access to livelihood, healthcare, freedom of movement, and food. Evidence of these genocidal violations, with blanket impunity, is to be found in the extensive and systematic research conducted by a range of academic and human rights organizations. (Ref: United States Commission on Tier 1 CPC Countries Designated by State Department & Recommended by USCIRF 2016 ANNUAL REPORT OVERVIEW)…
These Crimes Against Humanity and mass murders are well documented and reported in the International Media, Human Rights Watch, Genocide Watch, Amnesty International, USCIRF’s Annual Reports, Fortifi Rights but UN, UNSC, ICC, ASEAN, OIC, UNHCR etc failed to prominently highlight our plight and failed to take any action.

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