My old pictures

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My one and only sister retired teacher Daw Aye Aye Nyunt kindly search and sent to me. TQ Aye.

Actually I was thin so my prominent big eye because of the gene of my northern-Indian subcontinent (actually some of my great grand parents are pure Bamas and we have even Buddhist monks in our relatives) my eyes looked very big. I still remembered the incidence when I was scolded and shouted at by a fierce and tough AL Dr Nathan (Southern Indian Tamil Christian, later migrated to US and even known there as talking dictionary of Grey’s Anatomy). I was sitting at the second row from the front and was following his lecture in Anatomy of abdomen. He suddenly shouted pointing at me, “why you are staring at me like an idiot ?” (pointing at me …ho kaung, bar loe Kyaung taung taung nae kyae nae dar lae”.I was embarrassed dare not retort and since that time, I used to sit at the middle or back seats only.

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With my uncles and aunt on the Saggine bridge but we all are like brothers and sisters up to now. At first I think I am at the middle but not sure, may be the one near my aunt as Myo Lwin @ Hashim, Mg Toke @ Kassim (passed away), Sulaiman are all older than me. Aunt may be Nwe Nwe. (Not sure)

Ah Htun 

မႏြယ္ ကိုတုတ္ ဘိုင္ဘိုင္
ကိုဟာရွင္ ကိုစေလမန္
Aye Aye Nyunt ကိုဟာရွင္ or ကိုစေလမန္၊ ကိုတုတ္၊ ဘိုင္ဘိုင္ ၊
ကိုကိုေလး ၊မႏြယ္
My grandma marahon (late) Daw Daw Kyawt (centre/thinner) and her younger sister marahon (late) Daw Phaw
Our Dadi, father’s mother (grandma) Hajima Noorbi with Ko Ko Htay and Aye aye Nyunt standing
At Maymyo Botinal Garden
Same place …my parents, bros sister and uncle ? Mohin Kyar2
In Maymyo, infront of our Aunt Phoo’s house with her children and my brother at the side
Maymyo BT bros swimming pool with my bros and cousin sister
St. Peters 6 th. Std 1st prize for combined A,B and C classes(I just transfered from Kingswood, Kalaw). Prize given b
y Gov Mdy District Education Officer. Principle, Father Fhilix partly seen, hidden behind.
Same year. With the whole school.
Eid in Kalaw
I think, In KL, may be Ko Ko Htay taking my picture.

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