References for Myanmar Muslims who wish to write anything about suffering of Non-Rohingya Myanmar Muslims in Myanmar


References for Myanmar Muslims who wish to write anything about suffering of Non-Rohingya Myanmar Muslims in Myanmar.
NOTE: Anyone can use but just kindly give some credit to me for doing an extensive review of posts.
1. Massacre In Central Burma: Meiktila, Reported by Physicians for Human Rights @
2. United States Commission on Tier 1 CPC Countries Designated by State Department & Recommended by USCIRF 2016 ANNUAL REPORT OVERVIEW @
3. Time Magazine’s “The Face of Buddhist Terror”. @,9171,2146000,00.html
4. “The Black Hands” behind Myanmar’s anti-Muslim Movement by Dr Maung Zarni @
5. Portrait of Myanmar’s ‘Buddhist Bin Laden’ chills Cannes’ AFP | May 24, 2017 @
6. Racial hatred as policy in Myanmar By Brian McCartan @ Asia Times
7. Persecution of Muslims in Myanmar From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia @
8. Myanmar government must stop the widespread anti-Muslim HATE CAMPAIGN by radical Buddhists: by Dr Ko Ko Gyi @
9. Myanmar’s Muslim sideshow By Cem Ozturk @
10. 32 Students Allegedly Massacred in Recent Meikhtila Violence By FRANCIS WADE / THE IRRAWADDY @
11. The Extremism of Buddhism in Myanmar By Sufyan bin Uzayr August 18, 2014 @
12. Repression of Myanmar Muslims amid Media Blackout By Kourosh Ziabari 21 July 2012 @
13. “Pro-Democracy” Groups Behind Myanmar Refugee Attacks By Tony Cartalucci Global Research, October 29, 2012 @
14. Recurring Nightmares: Genocide and the Long Shadow of Colonialism in Burma August 31, 2014 | Steven Kiersons, MA @
15. MEMORANDUM : Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM) to United Nations @
16. Capt. Phyo Thet Tun revealed the dirty propaganda warfare on Muslims by Myanmar Military Cyber Unit @
17. Maurice Collis recorded the root of Anti-Indian and Anti-Muslim sentiments in Burma/Myanmar in his book “Trials in Burma” @
18. THE AXIS OF EVIL: U Wirathu, MI Khin Nyunt, Taung Thar Terrorist leader U Aung Thaung, Mandalay PM U Ye Myint and President U Thein Sein Written by Maung Maung (Shwe Keraweik) @
21. Massacre of Myanmar Muslims in Meiktila 2 + 1 @
22. Burmese Muslims at ‘great risk’ of genocide, warn activists. Source: Democratic Voice of Burma August 20, 2013 @
23. 99% of educated Burmese Buddhists professionals inside and outside country seems happy to see lost of Muslims life and sufferings (Translated by Mr. Saw Closy) @
24. 13 Burmese Muslim school students dead in suspected arson attack with Molotov bombs in Rangoon @
25. President office Director Hmuu Zaw is regularly sharing from 969 Neo-Nazi Movement leader skin-head monk Wira Thu’s FB Credit to maung zarni @
26. The supporting evidences to charge the Myanmar SPDC CRIMINALS at ICC @
27. Masjids in Burma or Myanmar, Masjids damaged by SPDC THUGS in Taungoo (English) @
28. Face Book of Maung Zarni shared a memory, “Stop this racist madness.
We are creating a living hell – literal and psychological – for our Burmese people of Islamic Faith.”
29. Myanmar government turns a blind eye to Muslim appeal to grant religious freedom @
30. No justice for slain Myanmar lawyer Ko Ni @
31. Oral statement for the Interactive Dialogue with the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar @
33. Myanmar military-monks destroyed a Masjid in Bago with the tactic approval of police and soldiers guarding the Masjid @
34. Yangon authorities sue Muslims for praying in the street AFP | June 2, 2017 @
36. Local Muslims pray in street as Islamic schools in Tharkayta are closed. June 2, 2017 , Myanmar Muslim Media @
37. Illegal Criminal 969 @ Ma Ba Tha is now changing its name to avoid the law and to continue with its Anti-Islam activities @
38. Myanmar Muslims welcome Ramadan praying in the heavy rain as lack of Holy Houses @
40. Burma’s Muslims Face Long Walks to Pray during Ramadan, Islamic Schools Are Kept Closed on Eve of Holiest Month, Richard Weir @
41. Police fire warning shots as extremists speed up their anti-Muslim operations in capital city @
42. Like Mugabe, Suu Kyi has betrayed resistance and joined dictatorship @
43. Burma: Two Islamic Schools Shuttered in Rangoon, Protect Religious Freedom, End Restrictions Targeting Minorities @
49. Islam in Myanmar (Non Rohingya Myanmar Muslims) @
51. Hands up! Surrender! Myanmar Muslims including girls and children were ordered @
52. In Myanmar, 3 Digits Instill Fear: ‘969’ Movement Led by Buddhist Monks @
53. Myanmar Buddhist Monks led terrorists massacred Arabic School Children in Meikhtila @
54. Fear stalks Muslims in Myanmar @
55. KILLING FIELDS: Right, the madrasa where more than 40 Muslims were killed on March 21 @
56. Government Cyber-troopers attacked Maung Maung using this picture twice. Once as the place where Jihad in Mandalay will start. Racist government affiliated cyber-trooper caught in action @
57. Dirty low standard lies of Myanmar Governent Cyber-trooper Maung Kar Lu @
58. President U Thein Sein and Sr. General Min Aung Hlaing would be held responsible for defaming me by their staff @
59. Government fail to control 969 but Mandalay Municipal authorities defaming the Muslims @
60. ‘Hidden Hands’ Behind Communal Violence in Myanmar – I told you so
By Dr. Habib Siddiqui @

61. Anti-Muslim leaflets distributed in Yangon universitiesMarch.29th 2015  M-Media  Report By-Thiha @

62. Francis Wade’s prediction about “nationwide religious war” (against Muslims) is coming in Myanmar @

63.Invisible forces are orchestrating Myanmar’s anti-Muslim violence @

64. Burma’s Violence Demands Greater International Attention @

65. Burma’s half-hearted attempt to stop anti-Muslim pogroms @

66. An Overview of Myanmar’s unfolding pogroms: Anti-Muslim Violence and Destruction @

67. Don’t cry for the personal attack on your family members, U Ye Htut as you have done the same dirty attack on my family @

68. The rise of anti-Muslim sentiments in Myanmar Sunday, 28 April 2013 14:26 Col. R Hariharan @

69.  UN must act to stop human rights abuses in Myanmar @

70. Fear stalks Muslims in Myanmar Carlos Sardina Galache Bangkok Post @

71. Stirring up hatred through social media  @

72. Buddhist monk uses racism and rumours to spread hatred in Burma @

73. Burmese Bin Laden: Is Buddhist Monk Wirathu Behind Violence in Myanmar?  By Mezzofiore @  

74. Fanatical Buddhist Monk Saydaw Wirathu Calling for Boycott of Myanmar Muslims  @


76. Appealing to all the peace-loving Myanmar and International Friends of all faith to help stop the Hate Speeches @

77. Myanmar Muslim leaders should push Myanmar Government with these facts @

78. Bamas should declare openly if they cannot grant equal rights to all the citizens @

79. Buddhist monk uses racism and rumours to spread hatred in Burma @

80. Burmese journalist beseeches brethren: Stop with the Muslim hate speech @

81. Who are the monks behind Burma’s ’969′ campaign? By CARLOS SARDINA GALACHE 10 May 2013 @

82. Burma (Human Rights) by UK MP Mr David Burrowes (Enfield, Southgate) (Con) @

83. Hate thy neighbour in Myanmar  May 10, 2013 By David Hopkins @

84. Activists liken Myanmar violence to Ku Klux Klan Published: 11 May 2013 @

85. Religious ‘radicals’ driving Myanmar unrest: experts @

86. OIC to Take Burma Persecution to UN @

87. Malaysia Urges Burma to Stem Anti-Muslim Violence  By @

88. Myanmar’s divide widensNew York Times : Nov 26 2013 @

89. Suu Kyi’s Muslim moral dilemma By Akbar Ahmed and Harrison Akins @

90. How can Aung San Suu Kyi – a Nobel Peace Prize winner – fail to condemn anti-Muslim violence? The Telegraph. October 24th, 2013 @

91. Racial hatred as policy in Myanmar By Brian McCartan @

92. Meiktila violence sends warning to foreign investors Bangkok Post @

93. Buddhism turns violent in Myanmar  By Matthew J Walton @

94. UN Myanmar envoy visits ruined city after violence @

95. Myanmar needs a new nationalism By Matthew J Walton @

96. Ambition silences Myanmar’s freedom icon November 24, 2013 10:05 pm by ROGER MITTON @

98. To Mr James Mmt (Maung Maung Than) with love, @
99. Screenshots evidence of Criminal Defamation by James Mmt, Cyber-trooper based in Singapore @

100. Qing Minya ( ရွင္မင္းယာ) and her handler Racist Military lapdog James MMT or Voice of James or Maung Maung Thant  @

101. Myanmar’s religious malaise goes online @

102. Freedom from Hate. Maung Maung and son’s interview on Al Jazeera @

103. Myanmar’s New Catholic Cardinal Warns Against Religious Extremism @

104. Facebook in Myanmar: Amplifying hate speech? @

105. Muslim countries should STOP DEFENDING Sri Lankan and Myanmar at UNGA, UNSC and ICC from GENOCIDE charges @

106. The axis of Buddhist extremism 
By Tom Farrell. Asia Times @

107. Myanmar Muslims request to OIC and Turkey Government @

108. Stop violence against Muslim minorities: OICLaura Bashraheel Saudi Gazette April 15, 2013 @

109. Turkish foreign minister warns Myanmar violence risks regional escalation Posted on 2013/04/14 @

110. Foreign Minister Davutoğlu asked the OIC to take the lead with regard to the situation of Muslims in Myanmar @

111. Bringing Myanmar killers to justice tops summit agenda @

112. Wira Thu and Rajapaksas’ Marriage Made In Hell @

113. An Unfolding Tale of Two Genocidal “Buddhist” Hells: Myanmar and Sri Lanka @

114. Wirathu’s original (Nazi) vision, content of his Islamophobia, strategies and criminal background Sunday, July 21, 2013 @

115. US blind to terrorist monk of Myanmar @

116. In Mandalay Muslims’ properties are destroyed after spreading a piece of made-up hatred news @

117. Buddhist Terrorist group named 969 destroyed Muslims’ shops in Meitthilar ,Myanmar. @

118. Myanmar Meitthilar Muslim Gold shop Destroyed By 969 Buddhist Extremists Group @

119. Police aim to subdue Myanmar violence @

120. Wirathu’s ‘Buddhist Woman Raped’ Facebook Post Stokes Anti-Muslim Violence in Mandalay @

121. Myanmar’s ‘969’ crusade breeds anti-Muslim malice @

122. Give us FEW Townships in Mandalay, FEW townships in Yangon and May Yu district if Myanmar wish to stay separately from Muslims @

123. SPECIAL REPORT-Myanmar gives official blessing to anti-Muslim monks Jun 27, 2013

Read this story in a PDF 

124.  No “Mus”, No Pogroms: Myanmar Way to A Buddhist Hell June 27, 2013 @

125. THE JEWISH CHRONICLE ONLINE:Pogroms that we cannot ignore

 By David Aaronovitch, April 21, 2013 @
126. Hitler of Myanmar the brutel Buddhist, Wirathu Appeared on Santa Babara Independent Magazine @
127. “UN Special Rapporteur Ms. Yanghee Lee is a Prostitute” declared by Wirathu, the monk supported or protected by President Thein Sein as the son of Buddha when Wirathu was labelled as The Face Of Buddhist Terror by TIMES magazine. @

128. Myanmar’s use of faith for political ends is “playing with fire” says US envoy

Myanmar ‘playing with fire’ says US envoy 


129. Extremist Myanmar monk lashes out at Time after being called Buddhism’s ‘face of terror’  By Associated PressPublished  June 21 @ Buddhist nationalists stoke hatred in Myanmar 17 March 2015 By Richard Bennett, Director of Amnesty International’s Asia Pacific Program @

131. Cardinal-elect Charles Maung Bo, “The wounds in this country are deep” @

132. Military roots of racism in Myanmar By Maung Zarni @

133. Time to stamp out racism By Nyi Nyi Ohn Myint and Okkar Kyaw   |   Monday, 13 May 2013 @

134. Islamophobia‬ and anti-‪‎Rohingya‬ Racism are pervasive and cancerous among even the western-educated Burma dissidents D. Maung Zarni @

135. Non-Muslim Mixed blooded Myanmar political and military leaders: @

136. Myanmar’s neo-Nazi Buddhists get free rein
By Maung Zarni @

137. Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organization, “OIC MEMBER STATES SHOULD RECALL ALL MYANMAR EMBASSIES” Media Release
MAPIM16 th November 2013 @

138. Coalition of NGOs urge government rethink ties with Myanmar MOHD. Hassan has pointed

139. More Than 2000 Myanmar Nationals and Malay Muslims Protest Oppression Of Muslims in Myanmar @
140. Myanmar Military Division 315 Commander illegally forced to stop the Masjid repair in Meikhtila @
141. Islamophobia and the fear of ‘the other’ in Myanmar @